Quitting Your Job at 35, a mistake or a blunder!

Well, the question had always been rhetorical for quite some time now. I sat down and started thinking about this question 5 years later when I turned 40.

After I first quit my official job, I thought,

“I have 5 more years to become successful.”


Back then, I defined ‘successful’ as being the co-founder of a company that is bootstrapped, making money, and on the verge of going for its first funding to take it to the next level.

My idea of a successful company always included a well-equipped office, not a sprawling one (I know my aukaad, even if it’s a fantasy). It would have a game room, a relaxation room, and even a slide that will double up like a staircase among some of its many features. The walls would be all brighty-brighty coloured, bringing out the variations of all the colours that existed.

The employees of my company, aptly named ‘the family’ (not the Sopranos duh!), would be a bunch of enthusiastic youngsters and a good spattering of middle-aged ones (like me!). The environs will always be bustling with a set of them converting ideas into innovations while some others would be testing their inventions, and another bunch would be discussing ideas sitting on bean bags and sipping their fave beverage (no alcohol please!), scribbling away on smartboards.

I know this is an image right out of a movie but this was my idea of being successful.

After 5 years….

Now, I wouldn’t say I am unsuccessful. I do have an office with broadband and a comfy chair to sit in and a whiteboard to doodle all my ideas, thoughts among other things.

The team meetings are productive and would have me expressing my ideas fearlessly and with conviction (which I couldn’t do 5 years back). I get enough space to do my own thing.

Most success stories out there (including Reid Hoffman) always said having the right team is the greatest boon to a company. Right now, my team is quite small, let’s just say, it’s just me now. But that’s how most of them started off; doing things on their own in their room, in cafés, etc.

I know you must be thinking, this guy is all gas, I don’t blame you if you think so. I know I am a long way off. But every cloud has a silver lining or whatever is apt for that part of the discussion.

On the other hand, I always think of this as a step towards my dream for a good company, growing roots for a great foundation.

What did I do in the last 5 years?

I have tried and am still trying out projects that are quite different from each other.

I have read and even been told by some people to stick to one job.

Attention, Boys and Girls! Listen to them if you want to bring out your idea to fruition, Stick to a Single Idea!

But if you are like me, who wants to learn new things, do different jobs, etc. Then this might just be for you.

My advice in life, try out different jobs! Period!

And believe me, there is an umpteen number of jobs out there. Some jobs might be easy, some tough. In most cases, you can learn new skills or discover skills that you didn’t know you had it in you.

All that you have learned till then can help you in setting up your company when the right opportunity comes along.

So I wouldn’t say it’s a mistake or a blunder that I left my job at 35. Now, I can get up in the morning, look in the mirror, check out the grey hair and think,

“Wow! I am growing old, alive, and learning!”

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading and God Bless!




A someone with a mission to try out different things before my time is out!

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Hanfas Backer

Hanfas Backer

A someone with a mission to try out different things before my time is out!

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